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The guide below will provide the sample criteria for every performance requirement needed that the inspector is searching for in prospective Section 8 housing units. A lot of the demands are similar basic safety and health standards any state, town or county building department has in place for habitability.

For a more comprehensive list of standards and requirements, please refer to HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Guidebook ― Chapter 10: Housing Quality Standards.

1. Refuse Disposal and Food Preparation

Example Criteria:

The unit needs to have a kitchen sink with cold and hot water and an adequate sink trap.
The unit needs to have a stove and an oven or a range. Microwave ovens could be a substitute.

2. Sanitary Facilities

Example Criteria:

The bathroom should be located within a secluded room in the residence.
The tub or shower and the sink need to have properly working cold and hot water.
The bathroom needs to have a flushing toilet, a tub or shower and a sink.

3. Thermal Environment

Example Criteria:

The cooling system needs to cool every room safely.
The heating system needs to offer heat to every room safely. The local PHA is going to determine what temperature is thought as ‘proper’ throughout each month during the year.

4. Security and Space

Example Criteria:

The unit needs to have a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.
Any windows or doors that an be reached from outside of the space needs to have the capacity to be locked.

5. Materials and Structure

Example Criteria:

All walls, floors and ceilings need to not indicate any signs of buckling or bulging and cannot contain big holes.
The roof needs to be structurally adequate.
Handrails are necessary when four or more steps are there.

6. Electricity and Illumination

Example Criteria:

The living room and all bedrooms need to incorporate at least a single window.
The kitchen needs to integrate at least a single functional outlet.
All bedrooms and the living room needs to have at least a couple functional outlets.

7. Water Supply

Example Criteria:

The water supply needs to be free of any contaminants.
Plumbing fixtures and pipes need to be leak-free.

8. Interior Air Characteristics

Example Criteria:

Bathrooms need to have at least one window that could be opened and needs to have additional ventilation.
The unit needs to be clear of dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide.