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The time has come for Generation Z to enter the world of apartment living, and they want something different than their millennial predecessors. Gen-Z applies to individuals born between 1995-2012. These individuals seek similar housing to what they enjoyed during their college years and want to continue to enjoy these same features and amenities in adulthood.

Gen Z is quick to adopt new technology and have grown up with cell phones and social media. They’ve watched previous generations use these networks and have learned how to be cautious in what they post. They’re aware that what gets posted online is permanent and can come back to hurt them in the future with employers or in personal relationships. Their attention spans are short so you have to capture their interest quickly, but how do you do that? Follow these three tips to capture the Gen-Z market.

1. Use Social Media

Gen-Z spends, on average, a total of 3 hours per day on social media. Their heavy screen time offers you the perfect opportunity to advertise openings at your property using profiles such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. These profiles allow you to post multiple images or a video and, for a price, customize the age group you’d like to see your post and the region in which the users reside. Targeted marketing ensures that you’re reaching who you want to reach and advertising your property effectively and cost-efficiently.

2. Be Real

Gen-Z is aware of what is going on and does their research above and beyond. Be consistent, authentic, and realistic in what you say. Gen-Z is skeptical about claims that seem too good to be true and will dig deeper to find any hidden information. Stay ahead of negative reviews by providing excellent customer service and support to those who reside at your property. Respond to constructive criticism in a professional manner and acknowledge when you make a mistake. People can tell when you’re being secretive or trying to cover something up.

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

Gen-Z uses their mobile devices more than traditional desktop or laptop computers. All marketing needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Most modern websites allow you to preview your site in multiple different ways during the design phase. Ensuring that its appearance is stellar both on a computer and a mobile device will make your business and property look more professional.

Generation Z is here and it’s time to appeal to these new consumers. They’re transitioning from student housing to apartments, and there is plenty of room to explore how to appeal to them. Marketers who get ahead of the game and branch out to grab these individuals now will prosper as others work to play catch up.