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Becoming a reputable property management company goes far beyond providing quality customer service–property managers should focus on creating an incredible experience for their customers. Even when renting, customers always deserve to have a remarkable experience.

Tips for Property Managers

Property managers have to diversify their approach to management if they hope to stand out to customers. What really sets one apartment apart from another is the interaction between property managers and renters. Read on for a few strategies property managers should follow to enhance customer experience.

1. Study Characteristics of Bad and Good Experiences

When looking at the characteristics of experiences that customers have had with other businesses, property managers will better understand what to do and what to avoid:

Negative Reviews:
The customer had to explain their problem to more than one person.
The issue wasn’t resolved soon enough.
The problem was never resolved.
The customer service interaction was unpleasant.

Positive Reviews:
The problem was quickly resolved.
The person that solved the problem was pleasant.
The problem was solved in a single interaction

2. Understand What You’re Promising Customers

The key to creating an excellent customer service experience is found in following through with promises made to a customer. Just as any other business owner would, property managers must deliver on consumers’ expectations. Ideally, managers will be able to consistently exceed expectations, resulting in a positive experience for both parties.

As simple as that sounds, giving customers what they want when they want it is really the key to great property management. Renters that are satisfied during their lease will rent again, as well as refer friends and family to their property manager.

3. Regularly Measure Your Customer Service Success

The only way to improve one’s customers’ experience is to take a hard look at the rates of success. When researching this, property managers should determine how many of their residents refer other people to them. For many renters, it’s not about them getting a bonus, it’s the fact that they love living in their apartment and want others to join them.

No property manager will survive if they aren’t cultivating a positive experience for their renters. Property managers should keep these three strategies in mind when revamping customer relations.